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  • HTML5 apps on all platforms: can Qt help?

    A couple of questions for my dear Qt friends: after a long winter, mostly devoted to building and deploying HTML5 games and educational apps, I find myself evaluating Qt again for a big project… It is an app to be used on schools: it must work online and partly offline as well. And it has […]

  • Elop is after me

    Back in 2005, my small company had an active customer base of more than 15,000 developers using our plugins. These were extensions (Xtras) for Macromedia Director, at the time the number one tool for authoring of CD-ROM and online games published via Shockwave. The global Director developers community was composed of 300,000+ professionals, not counting […]

  • Update on QtGStreamer

    Due to personal issues I have not been able to be online much or work for the past two months. Things are starting to settle now, and while I am still not able to return to a full time work schedule just yet I would like to keep the blog minimally updated 🙂 QtGStreamer had […]

  • Last week in QtGStreamer – week 9

    Well, this week’s report is brief, and more technical. But first I would like to congratulate the GStreamer community for making 0.10.31 available. This is the version we are tracking for our initial stable release of QtGStreamer as well. After the move to last week we were kept busy with code. George merged his […]

  • Last week in QtGStreamer – week 8

    This was a very productive week for the project, with a lot of of activity moving us closer to a first stable release. I worked mostly on refactoring the mechanism that tracks reference counts for miniobjects and caps, while George has been busy with a redesign of the QGlib::Value system that makes it really convenient […]

  • Last week in QtGStreamer – week 7

    This week George merged some of the patches I have been working on to the QtGStreamer master repository, including support for Events. (*) He also wrote and committed a bunch of bugfixes and some improvements to the build files. I started to work on some refactoring for our refCounted object, with an eye on addressing […]

  • Last week in QtGStreamer – a recap (and an overview of GStreamer)

    This is inspired by the ‘Last week in Krita’ and ‘Last week in KOffice’ series. Boud, the author of these series, mentioned that this is a nice way to “keep everyone who is interested, developers, contributors, users — everyone — up to date on what is happening in the […] community.” I do not promise […]

  • Embedded Linux Conference Europe and GStreamer Conference

    This week I am in Cambridge getting to know my colleagues at Collabora Multimedia and attending both the ELC and the GStreamer Conference, which were co-locating. ELC was interesting. There were a lot of talks dealing with user interface and multimedia issues, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out several presenters mentioning Qt, usually […]

  • QtGStreamer – an introduction

    For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a very cool project, one started and lead by one of our brilliant KDE hackers-that-came-from-GSoC, George Kiagiadakis (gkiagia). I remember that the project got my attention when it was first announced. But I was very busy at that time, and could only follow it […]