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  • me too!

    Unfortunately only for the first 4 days, but hope to meet as many friends as possible again. See you in Tampere!

  • Akademy-br and KEduca

    Akademy-br is over, and for me it was a great event. I expect the results to roll in over the next couple of months, as several projects have been started. Tomaz and the people working on card games for KDE Games will probably chime in soon, and I know the promo people are preparing the video […]

  • Arrived!

    After waking up at 4:00AM, a 2 hour flight and a very welcoming lift from Sandro who picked us up at the airport, I am already at one of the super secret Akademy-br hacking rooms. Wow, it is nice to be here and match faces to the names from the kde-br list. Lots and lots […]

  • Akademy-BR

    Sandro has broken the news, and I am very glad to join him and talk about our little event. And I am also glad to blog again after several months of baby sitting 🙂 First, a bit of history: during the last months of 2009 we talked about a KDE sprint in Brazil, as a […]

  • Incremental building

    Today is the first day of Latinoware, at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The website lists this as the biggest edition so far, around 4,000 people already registered. And if you go to the site you will see that KDE is listed as one of the supporters, as well as iNdT (Nokia’s research institute in Recife, Brazil).The […]

  • 6 years and 523,494 downloads later…

    My first Qt-based project was a commercial database front-end, the Arca Database Browser, released in 2003. At the same time we decided to release an open-source version of it on This was before Qt had SQLite support, btw… well, It turned out to be very popular, and despite my lack of updates for the […]

  • Week full of gifts

    The first one is the most important 🙂 My son Theo was born last Monday, July 27th, 5:34AM, at home, after a rainy night, and just before the sunrise. He arrived 2 weeks before the predicted date, sparing us from the worries of the last days. The second one will arrive tomorrow, one week after […]

  • KDE at fisl 10

    Last week we had a great time at fisl, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The event was huge, more than 8,000 people, including the president of the country, Lula. Politics aside, it is nice to see official support for FLOSS events, and this surely gives credibility to the work we are all doing. KDE was present […]

  • fisl, KDE Brazil and FLOSS game projects

    Confirmed! This year we will again have a community gathering at fisl. It will be the second "Forum KDE Brazil for users and developers". If you are going to Poerto Alegre please use this opportunity to make our community stronger.We will also have several talks covering KDE technologies and the project. I will let each […]

  • ProInfo, user multiplication and saving energy

    The ProInfo project has just released version 3 of Linux Educacional, their Linux-based distribution bundled with computer labs for public schools in Brazil. This version has several new items, including a new EduBar (Java-based) and lots of content, 20GB of videos, text and animations. It is also built on top of Kubuntu 8.4, where previous […]