Author: Mauricio Piacentini

  • Translation marathon

    While waiting for the 4.0 release tagging, I spent some time during the past 10 days working on the pt_BR translation of GUI messages for all games in the kdegames module. I saw similar efforts is several translation teams, everyone in marathon-mode. Brazilian Portuguese translation in general is in quite good shape, with 100% for […]

  • KTurtle translation

    I just committed the pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) translation of KTurtle to SVN. As this is my first translation job there is a good chance that I did something in a non-optimal way, but I have faith the pt_BR translation team will help me with a revision, as soon as they are done with their Christmas […]

  • Release counter

    Eugene and Emil from the KDE Games team made a release counter for 4.0: If you want to use it on your blog or page: <img src=”” alt=”KDE 4.0 Release Counter” width=”377″ height=”47″ /> 

  • KDE Edu meeting

    The KDE Edu Meeting in Paris was a very successful experience. I think it will influence the module for a long time, as the connections we made here will not disappear quickly. This is something I observed after our KDE Game team met in the last Akademy, for example. These events lead to development of […]

  • KDE meetings in Latin America?

    [english]I am back from Latinoware. It was a very good conference, more than 3,000 people on site, and a strong presence of people from other countries in Latin America. I met people from Uruguay, Argentina, Equador, Peru, Colombia and Chile, and of course a lot of brazilians. My talk about Games in KDE4 was good, […]

  • Conferences, games and KDE

    [en_US]I will speak about “Developing free software games with KDE 4” in two upcoming conferences here in Brazil, CONISLI and Latinoware. CONISLI (Congresso Internacional de Software Livre) starts tomorrow here in São Paulo, my home town, and will run for 3 days, with lots and lots of sessions. My lecture will be on Saturday, 16:00h, […]

  • Endangered species

    For some time I have followed the progress of Projeto Tamar. It is one of the most active conservationist efforts in Brazil, sponsored by large companies and with a number of volunteers and supporters. It is dedicated to saving the sea turtle, once considered endangered. Read about it at their site. Some of the results […]

  • Game icons

    Our games are still waiting for new application icons. But if you have built and used KDE4 betas, you might have noticed that some action, toolbar and configuration ones were also missing.Not anymore! Oxygen artists are swamped these days, so I spent some time today mashing up our game elements and existing Oxygen art concepts, […]

  • On track

    The KDE Games module is getting in good shape for our next betas and release candidates. Track our progress at: We are encouraged by the shrinking number of red cells! Of course, there is always stuff to be done, and we are concentrating on remaining icons and docs. Eugene Trounev (it-s) and Anton Brondz […]

  • Decision time

    We discussed a lot of things earlier today in the #kdegames IRC channel. I realized it is sometimes difficult to coordinate our actions. The community that is constructing KDEGames is very loose: sometimes we see lots of action and coordinated efforts, and sometimes people are alone banging their head against the wall and receive little […]