Author: Mauricio Piacentini

  • Food and exercise

    Note to the organizers: thank you for providing lunch, this helps us keep focused on the event and not having to roam around to get something to it. And a special thanks to the cookers: we are getting home-cooked Jamaican stuff, which is great and very similar to Brazilian (rice and beans, and a lot […]

  • @ Jamaica

    Camp KDE is going well, and Jamaica is amazing. Lots of action yesterday, and today I am going to share a presentation slot with Marcus to talk about KDE Edu and KDE Games. Everything is prepared, hope it goes out well. Videos will be available later at the web, according to the organizers. I did […]

  • 2008 in review

    While reviewing my involvement with KDE in 2008 I realized that 2009 is starting in a similar way: I spent the last week or so making sure we had kdegames translated 100% to pt_BR, much like in the first days of 2008. Of course, not all things are equal. We now have several new games, […]

  • First Latin American KDE Forum

    KDE will have a strong presence next week, at LatinoWare 2008, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. We will have 7 presentation slots, as part the First Latin American KDE Forum. We will also have space to do meetings and interact with the Fedora and Gnome Forum events, taking place at the same location, but at different days. […]

  • Forum KDE at LatinoWare

    [en] Forum KDE at LatinoWare 2008 is taking shape. We will have a full day of KDE talks and hacking during the event. Details are being finished, but we will talk about everything KDE, from games to Plasma, from coding in PyQt to managing your finances with KMyMoney, from KDE in Fedora to KDE Edu […]

  • Festival Software Livre

    UPDATE: The Festival was cancelled, unfortunately. LatinoWare is coming up in October 30th, though. [en]I will be in Brasilia for a free software event, the "Festival de Software Livre". We are planning to have a games arena with KDE Games in all computers, and I will talk about the techniques we use to create games […]

  • KDE and LatinoWare 2008

    Last year I blogged about LatinoWare and the possibility of organizing a KDE Latino meeting in 2008, with the help of the organizers. You can find more about this at: LatinoWare’s website for this year’s conference is still in constructions, at It will be a big event, from Oct 30th to November 1st, […]

  • help needed

    The KDE Games team is looking for help with the site. This is your chance to use those PHP/AJAX and CMS skills to help our community! Eugene and Emil are the ones you want to look for, and the best contact points are the kde-games-devel mailing list or the #kdegames IRC channel at Freenode […]

  • Building software together

    I want to talk a little bit about the ongoing collaboration between KDE and Ltia, the  Applied Information Technology Lab – Laboratório de Tecnologia da Informação Aplicada  ( Ltia is connected to UNESP – a state university in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently there are about 30 people working at several projects in the lab, in […]

  • Akademy 2008

    Still preparing my presentation, but I hope to meet all of my KDE friends over there for a nice week of planning, drawing, coding and eating Belgian chocolate. hummmm….