Talk about open source games at PUC-SP

Hi. Yesterday I talked a little bit about open source games and educational apps at the “Semana Acadêmica PUC-SP”. This is a week-long event promoted by the computer science and digital games departments of one of the top universities in Brazil. Initially I was going to talk only to the students of the digital games course, but at the end the talk was transferred to the main auditorium, where the computer science students could also attend.
It was a very interesting talk: my initial goal was to present the idea that doing your final work for university inside an open source project (and in particular, KDE) was a very good thing. The labs at PUC-SP are already equipped with dual-boot machines, Windows and OpenSUSE. Last year, when I was helping one of the courses as part of my masters program, I could show students how satisfying it was to boot one of the machines into OpenSUSE, fire up KMahjongg, and check your name as one of the AUTHORS 🙂
The end result was very good, there was genuine interest on the part of some students, and we had a very good conversation afterwards as well. Hopefully we will see some of them soon in the kde-br list!