FISL12 and social games

Next week I will be at Porto Alegre for FISL. It will be nice to meet the old friends, and I am looking forward for the new ones as well.
My talk will be on Thursday, June 30th, 10:00AM. The title is “Jogos sociais e software livre – como se planejar para 80 milhões de jogadores” (Social games and free software – how to plan for 80 million players). I think it will be interesting, as I plan to cover the architecture we are building at 2Mundos to serve as the basis for all of the company’s new games. It is entirely based on free software for all of the backend, both during development and for actual deployment. So I will depart from my usual KDE-related talk, but keep close to the universe of games.
See you in Porto Alegre!