Last week in QtGStreamer – week 9

Well, this week’s report is brief, and more technical. But first I would like to congratulate the GStreamer community for making 0.10.31 available. This is the version we are tracking for our initial stable release of QtGStreamer as well.

After the move to last week we were kept busy with code. George merged his initial GGlib::Value reimplementation, with the goal of making it at the same time more powerful and easier to maintain and use. I spent some days working on the Structure API to hopefully make it simpler: the StructureBase class was removed and SharedStructure was made private. StructurePtr was implemented, so now users only have Structure and StructurePtr, which is consistent with the rest of the API. This opens the door for additional improvements as well. The commit history with a log of the activity from the past 7 days is available here. You will see there that other items from the TODO list in the QtGStreamer wiki were also addressed.

Speaking of TODO lists… why every time we start to maintain one, it seems to grow faster then our ability to tame it?