Poll results

People have spoken, results are in and Rex Dieter is already working on the patches. The KDE Games collection now has “Naval Battle” and “KSnakeDuel”, filling in for “KBattleship” and “KTron”. Results can be seen here and here.

5 responses to “Poll results”

  1. I voted for KSnakeDuel, but I think “Snake Duel” without the K would be much better. I wonder if many other people who voted for this name think like me?

    (Yeah, I guess I should have posted this on the previous blog post…)

    • I am truly sorry, but the poll is closed. I like Snake Duel as well btw, but no one suggested it on time (which was until last Friday). I do not think restarting the process is possible as our deadlines are close, and it would not be fair as well.

  2. Maybe you can restart the process after 4.6. Because indeed, Snake Duel is better. And there is a general trend in KDE 4 to move away from KNames.