Blog v3

Well, the last few months have been very busy. And I realized I have not blogged since Akademy. Of course, this is the perfect excuse to change blog hosts again 🙂 Livejournal has been good, but ultimately the amount of spam on comments is just too much, even for a semi-alive blog like mine. So WordPress, here we go, with a new and shining address. As a bonus I collected all the posts (minus comments) from my previous blogspot and livejournal addresses, and archived them here, for posterity.

Let’s get back to Akademy 2010, then. What can I say? Perfect location, perfect organization, and perfect company. It was great to meet old friends again (David! Neja! Jure! lots of people…) as well as make new ones (hi Nuno!.) Too bad I could only stay for 4 days. At the last morning I conducted a BoF about the involvement of KDE with the Linux Educacional project going on in Brazil, an effort that we attempted to jumpstart and that generated a lot of interest inside the KDE Plasma and Edu communities. I will update you guys on how the project is going in my next blog entry.

Akademy 2010

Akademy also marked the very first time I was away from my son for more than a day. It was not easy for me, although I heard that he managed it very well 🙂