Month: January 2009

  • 4.2 Release Parties in Brazil

    We are organizing release parties for KDE 4.2 at different locations in Brazil: São Paulo, Salvador and Aracaju are confirmed, with more to come. If you want to organize one, add it here, and announce it at the kde-br mailing list. [pt_BR]Estamos organizando festas de lançamento do KDE 4.2 em diferentes lugares no Brasil: São […]

  • CampKDE is over

    [en] I am back in Brazil, after 5 wonderful days at Negril. CampKDE surpassed every expectation I had, and it was probably the best conference (KDE or not) I ever attended. There was something really special about the location, the relative small number of people and the timing that made it very easy to connect […]

  • Food and exercise

    Note to the organizers: thank you for providing lunch, this helps us keep focused on the event and not having to roam around to get something to it. And a special thanks to the cookers: we are getting home-cooked Jamaican stuff, which is great and very similar to Brazilian (rice and beans, and a lot […]

  • @ Jamaica

    Camp KDE is going well, and Jamaica is amazing. Lots of action yesterday, and today I am going to share a presentation slot with Marcus to talk about KDE Edu and KDE Games. Everything is prepared, hope it goes out well. Videos will be available later at the web, according to the organizers. I did […]

  • 2008 in review

    While reviewing my involvement with KDE in 2008 I realized that 2009 is starting in a similar way: I spent the last week or so making sure we had kdegames translated 100% to pt_BR, much like in the first days of 2008. Of course, not all things are equal. We now have several new games, […]