KDE and LatinoWare 2008

Last year I blogged about LatinoWare and the possibility of organizing a KDE Latino meeting in 2008, with the help of the organizers. You can find more about this at:


LatinoWare’s website for this year’s conference is still in constructions, at


It will be a big event, from Oct 30th to November 1st, 5000 people are expected. The geographical location is perfect for the intended audience, in the middle of the triple frontier between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

We (Helio Castro and me) are going ahead with the plan for a KDE event there to promote the KDE community in Latin America. There is a possibility that we can get a 250 person auditory for a full day of KDE talks, and also a computer lab for one full day as well for tutorials and workshops. Some help for transportation and accommodation can probably also be arranged for speakers that live in the Latin American region.

The idea we discussed last year was to also have a Gnome Latino event going on in parallel, same infrastructure, and at the end of the day we could do one shared panel. I still do not know if the Gnomes are going ahead with their side of the plan, but if it happens it can be a small preview of next year’s co-hosted Akademy/GUADEC event, and will help forge stronger ties between our communities.

So, this is a call for action. We need volunteers for the talks and tutorials, and there is not much time left if we want to make it happen. Please send me a proposal for a talk or workshop if you are interested in coming until August 27th, to piacentini (at) kde.org