Pink games for a pink desktop

Hi. You might remember the Fluffy Bunny Plasma theme. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of our games could be configured to match it? I know my nieces would love it 🙂
Wait… Eugene Trounev from the kdegames team comes to the rescue! And at the same time, we have a preview of KNewStuff2 support in KBlocks, which will be part of KDE 4.1 Huge thanks to Josef and Jeremy for their work on the server.
So, if you are building kdegames from source, or when you get the first KDE 4.1 alphas and betas, chose Configure KBlocks, and click the GET NEW THEMES button. You will then be able to install the Pink Bunny one:

Pink Bunny theme

And also some other cool ones, like Aztec and Retro Classics, all by Eugene:



Isn’t this great? My ambitious goal is to have at least 10 themes ready for the 4.1 release. Artists, are you ready?

Oh, and these are works in progress, a little disclaimer needed otherwise Eugene will kill me 🙂 Version 0.1 for all of them, improvements coming, ymmv, etc, etc.