fisl9.0 – II

Back to the hotel after another full day at FISL. Well, and ending with (another) barbecue. Seems like some diet will be required in the next few days to recover from these days.
I did my presentation about KDE-Edu: Creating knowledge, and it was generally well received.  Thanks to Helio for helping me. Lots of questions, and I had a chance to show both edu apps in Mandriva 4.0.3 (KAnagram, KHangman, Marble, Kalzium) and some directly from trunk,  KTurtle and Step.
Step specifically was a big surprise for most people: even some KDE guys had not seen it yet. There were members in the audience very familiar with KDE-Edu, as they work on the organizations that are doing big deployments down here. I created some simulations with particles, springs and ropes, and I can say that Step will generate a lot of interest in the educational community. Well done, vladimir!
In about 8 hours we will have the First KDE Brasil Meeting, so I will better get some sleep now. More reports when fisl is over. As a teaser: did you know how many students will be exposed to a KDE desktop by the end of this year, in what is already the largest case of educational free software deployment in the world? Some alternatives:

a) 1 million
b) 10 million
c) 36 million

What is your guess?