fisl9.0 – I

First day at fisl9.0. We got lost in Porto Alegre, but Gustavo Boiko managed to conduct us to PUCRS safely at the end. We were prepared for the crowd (~7000 people registered), but the view of the registration lines was still amazing:

Trolltech has a booth here, and here are some familiar faces:

Hélio did a very good presentation about KDE 4: the evolution. I will let him blog about it, but it was the best possible start for our KDE Forum.  More people are coming (Kevin Ottens has just arrived), so you should get a stream of blogs directly from Porto Alegre later today.

My own presentation on KDE-Edu is tomorrow. Rooms are completely packed, so I need to research it a little bit more to make sure I got all the bits right 🙂