Month: April 2008

  • ProInfo and Linux Educacional – KDE in Public Schools in Brazil

    One of the highlights of fisl9.0 for me was getting to know better the work that is being done by Brazil’s Ministry of Education (MEC). They have just unveiled the numbers for the ongoing ProInfo project. What is interesting about this project is that it not only provides infrastructure (computers and net connectivity) but also […]

  • fisl9.0 – II

    Back to the hotel after another full day at FISL. Well, and ending with (another) barbecue. Seems like some diet will be required in the next few days to recover from these days. I did my presentation about KDE-Edu: Creating knowledge, and it was generally well received.  Thanks to Helio for helping me. Lots of […]

  • fisl9.0 – I

    First day at fisl9.0. We got lost in Porto Alegre, but Gustavo Boiko managed to conduct us to PUCRS safely at the end. We were prepared for the crowd (~7000 people registered), but the view of the registration lines was still amazing: Trolltech has a booth here, and here are some familiar faces: Hélio did […]

  • KDE and fisl9.0

    Helio, Thiago and myself are working with the FISL organizers in order to guarantee that KDE’s presence at the event will be noticed. As part of this effort we cooked up a press release, and a loose translation is presented below: KDE project lands in Porto Alegre for fisl9.0: First KDE Brazil Meeting 04/08/2008 – […]

  • Introducing KBlocks

    Yesterday I finally managed to finish the features I have planned for KBlocks, and it is now living in kdereview. If everything goes as planned, it could be in kdegames for KDE 4.1.And I realized I have never blogged about KBlocks until today! KBlocks is a single player falling blocks puzzle game that I started […]