KDE Edu meeting

The KDE Edu Meeting in Paris was a very successful experience. I think it will influence the module for a long time, as the connections we made here will not disappear quickly. This is something I observed after our KDE Game team met in the last Akademy, for example. These events lead to development of real friendship, and accelerate our work as we recognize that our goals are mutual. The same will probably happen with KDE Edu: now every time some of us meet via IRC or the mailing list the communication flow will be easier, as we understand each other at least a little bit more.
Other than that, we fixed a huge number of issues as well. I worked primarily on KTurtle. There was one serious issue I had planned to tackle, a recursion bug that was creating problems with some of the more complex scripts. I sat at the first day to fix it, and could no longer reproduce the problem 🙂 Well, I scratched my head and proceed to tackle a second issue, and could no longer reproduce it as well. Maybe just being in Paris  for the meeting had magically corrected KTurtle for me? But it was no magic: Niels Slot had fixed both days ago, as websvn kindly informed me. Good! I was not going mad. (yet)
So I tackled the remaining issues reported in the quality page for KTurtle (you can see a lot of greens there at the bottom.) And as I was feeling lucky, I went ahead and implemented one big item in the TODO list, the ability for the canvas to resize freely (zoom), while keeping the aspect ratio specified in the script, and getting rid of the scrollbars. In the process I also restored the missing canvassize keyword, with the authorization of the translation teams, which were very quick to respond to my request on the kde-i18n-doc list. As everything was rosy, I also went ahead and implemented versioning of TurtleScript files on disk, for future improvements. And more important: the application now also saves scripts in a tokenized format for keywords, so for the first time you can share your scripts easily with people using KTurtle in other languages. The scripts will be automatically translated to your local TurtleScript language when loaded or saved, and this will probably increase the collaboration of people using the tool. Previously if you had a German file you would get an error when trying to run this script on a Portuguese version of KTurtle, for example. Now all saved scripts should work for all languages. (disclaimer: there are ways to break this, but there is still some time before the release, and these would be addressed when I return to Brasil.)
At last, I would like to thank all of the great people I met for these three very pleasant days. Anne-Marie specially for organizing it, and Mandriva and KDE e.v. for the support. Mandriva offices were perfect for the meeting, and Anne and Aurélien gave their time on the weekend to take care of us, which was very generous. I hope we can repay this with better programs, and fewer bugs 🙂