Month: December 2007

  • KTurtle translation

    I just committed the pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) translation of KTurtle to SVN. As this is my first translation job there is a good chance that I did something in a non-optimal way, but I have faith the pt_BR translation team will help me with a revision, as soon as they are done with their Christmas […]

  • Release counter

    Eugene and Emil from the KDE Games team made a release counter for 4.0: If you want to use it on your blog or page: <img src=”” alt=”KDE 4.0 Release Counter” width=”377″ height=”47″ /> 

  • KDE Edu meeting

    The KDE Edu Meeting in Paris was a very successful experience. I think it will influence the module for a long time, as the connections we made here will not disappear quickly. This is something I observed after our KDE Game team met in the last Akademy, for example. These events lead to development of […]