Game icons

Our games are still waiting for new application icons. But if you have built and used KDE4 betas, you might have noticed that some action, toolbar and configuration ones were also missing.
Not anymore! Oxygen artists are swamped these days, so I spent some time today mashing up our game elements and existing Oxygen art concepts, in order to fill the missing pieces. And I am glad to tell you that the kdegames portion of the missing icons list is done! With time, Oxygen artists will have a chance to build on this initial work, and make them actually nice 🙂 
The mandatory screenshot, taken from Dolphin (Kubuntu Gutsy):

Game configuration icons

However, the missing icons list still has lots of entries from other applications and modules. Maybe you can help?

On track

The KDE Games module is getting in good shape for our next betas and release candidates. Track our progress at:

We are encouraged by the shrinking number of red cells! Of course, there is always stuff to be done, and we are concentrating on remaining icons and docs. Eugene Trounev (it-s) and Anton Brondz (dinounix) are leading the games documentation team, with the help of game authors and maintainers. Kde-doc people are welcome to help, although we know they are swamped right now.  Eugene’s laptop has just died, but you can usually reach him through the kde-games-devel list, and Anton can be found usually hanging in the #kdegames IRC channel. Documentation guidelines and progress can be tracked at the URL above and also consulted at:

I compiled a partial list of icons used in libkdegames and in the module. This list is temporary, authors are still adding to it, and we will validate it and prioritize requests at the end of this week. After this, our list will be merged with the global Oxygen icons todo list composed by ruphy. The partial list can be found at

If you find another icon that is missing please add to the page, it will help us get a clearer picture of the effort still needed. We are not in bad shape, but need to focus on the details in this final sprint, in order to have the best possible KDE Games package ready for 4.0.