New tilesets for KMahjongg and KShisen

Today I want to show you two new tilesets that were just committed to SVN and will be available in KDE 4.0, to be used in both KMahjongg and KShisen.  The first is the Alphabet tileset, by Raquel Ravanini, who also did the Default tileset:

Alphabet tileset

    As you can see this also comes with a matching background, and with new (simpler) game layouts containing fewer tiles. This will make the game more approachable to children, and also to people who want to match quickly and have trouble with the chinese symbols in the standard tilesets.
    The second is the Traditional tileset, designed by Shamus (James L. Hammon), based on traditional mahjongg tiles as commonly available in the US. I show it here using the same layout as above, so you can see how different the same game can look:

Traditional theme

    And here it is with the Cross layout:

    Of course, the Classic and Default tilesets are still there (you can find screenshots at my old blog here). The tileset format is pretty much final right now, so now is the time for authors that want to update their older KDE3 designs to SVG, and also for new creations.
Hope you like the designs, thanks to both Raquel and James for their contributions!