Updates, and KMines

I have not blogged since aKademy, and so much has happened in this last month… Starting with aKademy itself, where the KDE Games team had very successful and productive meetings. Our panel was well received by the audience, and the BoF was great. But most of all I enjoyed the social aspects of the event, from the Chinese dinner in the first evening with Johann, to the barbecue at Loch Lomond, where I had the chance to climb a small hill and find Kevin and Inge there. We talked for a while, and as they left to explore different hills, I stayed there with a nice view of the rainy landscape, and had a nice meditation. Best Scottish experience for me, and something to remember for years to come.
    But enough of aKademy. Those of you who are following the commit digest will notice that I have a new project (KBlocks), currently at playground/games. This is a game I started at the aKademy hacking sessions, and I will blog about it later this week. This post, however, is about the good and old KMines.
    I did some initial port of KMines to KDE4 back in February, with some code re-factoring and implementation of SVG rendering and themes. However, the game remained kind of stalled during the past 3 months, with some ideas flying around over IRC, as I did not have enough motivation to do the final cleanup, which was looking like it could be a more or less complete rewrite of the main game widget , using QGraphicsView.
    And one nice evening I was at IRC, and Dmitry Suzdalev (dimsuz) logged in. He was apparently not satisfied with the katomic, kreversi and klines work :). I asked him if we would consider helping me with KMines, and gladly he accepted it immediately 🙂 Well, at the same time I agreed to help him on some remaining issues in KReversi, which required some Inkscape fiddling and code shuffling.
After this meeting, in just one week he already had the partial rewrite working. In 3 weeks everything is basically ready, and the game is looking and playing better than ever. See it:

    I jumped in and completed the classic theme in SVG, so people looking for the familiar KMines KDE3 look could still play with it:

    Of course, theme selection is present in our KGameThemeSelector dialog, where you can see that support for KNewStuff2 is hooked :

    And here as well you can see a work in progress version of the new “Gardens of Danger” theme by Eugene, hopefully one of the many others that will appear for Kmines in KDE 4:

    This is all in SVN, and will be part of the beta 1 release. Please be sure to try it, and send feedback to the games team!
Of course, after all this work I offered KMines maintainership to Dmitry. But he felt that we are doing a good job together, so we will be co-maintainers, at least for now. Woohooo! I love the team work we are being able to achieve in this module.
    In a few days I will post about KBlocks, and I hope you will like it. Fingers crossed.