Month: June 2007

  • In Glasgow

    This year I decided to arrive one day earlier, to have some more time to rest from the long flight from Brazil. If you are still packing, remember to bring an umbrella 🙂 I also met Felipe Zimmerle by accident at the airport in Amsterdam,  and learned that he will give a talk just before […]

  • Jumping into the discussion

    Sometimes people question why developers working in the kdegames module are “wasting” or “spending” time with silly games, as this time could be used “better” for other critical areas of KDE. While this seems a logical assumption, it appears to be flawed. Volunteers in a project like KDE work on what they want, so if […]

  • Freedom and parades

    This is a slightly different blog entry. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, so quite used to large crowds. The metropolitan area houses around 11 million people. Yesterday the city hosted the largest parade in the world for celebration of sexual diversity. Amazingly, it gathered anywhere from 3 to 3.5 million people.English articles about it […]