Month: April 2007

  • FISL I

    FISL is underway. I did my presentation about “Developing games for KDE 4” around noon. Thankfully it was not scheduled for one of the big rooms (they are gigantic!) But I estimate that we had around 300 people or more, a good attendance, with the room completely filled. I had some trouble managing time at […]

  • KGoldrunner animation

    Mistery… Why is coolo running around with shades and carrying a giant-sized gold coin?

  • New blog address

    My blogger account is not getting along well with Planet, apparently… The last few posts did not show up, so following a suggestion by clee I am  moving to a LiveJournal account. Fingers crossed 🙂 If all goes well I will be able to report from FISL in the next couple of days. Old entries […]

  • KGoldrunner animation

    Last week I committed some code changes and artwork for KGoldrunner to SVN. This is something I was planning to do for some time, but the lack of good open source tools for animating SVG directly slowed me down quite a bit. I ended up using a commercial package (ToonBoom) to prototype the runner animation: […]