Month: March 2007

  • Shisen-Sho updates

    I just added the configuration dialogs of libkmahjongg to KShisen. Players can now select their preferred tilesets and backgrounds, of course all rendered from SVG. With libkmahjongg both applications can now re-use the same artwork, and this is also available for any future game that uses mahjongg tiles. Next step? Maybe integration with KNewStuff2, we […]

  • +1.5 million KDE desktops

    According to recently published data, 8.3 million new computer systems were sold in Brazil last year. And of these, 18% shipped with free software (OS, desktop and applications). So we are talking about 1.5 million new free software desktops! More data here (in Portuguese.) What the story does not tell is that (last time I […]

  • KDE4 dev dependencies

    I was rebuilding a clean Kubuntu install just for compiling KDE4 apps, and this time I actually took notes of the packages needed to build the following modules, which are the ones I need for basic kdegames testing: qt-copystrigi (apparently will be required in a few weeks for kdelibs)kdelibskdepimlibskdebasekdegames Starting with a default Kubuntu Edgy […]

  • March meeting in a few hours

    If you missed the post on kde-games-devel, this time hour meeting will be 2 hours long and will start one hour later. Agenda here.