kdegames, one week later

One week after our IRC meeting and we can already measure some interesting effects. Several applications are being worked on at the same time, johann is doing graphics like a madman, there is constant wiki and IRC activity, and some games have found new maintainers. We also provided status reports for inclusion in Danny’s excellent commit-digest. This combined activity can also be observed in the huge number of commits to the module in the past seven days.

I am not a big fan of statistics on commits, because they do not always represent real improvements in code. There is the one file commit that take days of preparation and is the result of an extensive rewrite, or introduces a crucial new feature. And there are semi-automated commits that change a macro in 100 files. Of course, both are necessary for the project as a whole, I am just highlighting the fact that the volume of commits alone is not the best indicator to use to measure project activity.

After the disclaimer, I will use it to measure our project activity anyway, as we are looking good in the graphic 🙂

Above is this morning’s graphic on EBN showing the activity per module. You can see that for the past seven days we only trailed ‘tags’ 🙂 Damn tags…

Can anyone explain to me what is the tags module, btw?