Month: November 2006

  • Vista for free?

    Not kde or kdegames related, but interesting. If you live in the US you can apparently get a free copy of Windows Vista and a free copy of Office 2007, directly from Microsoft. You just have to submit yourself to some brainwas.. I mean… You just have to register and view 3 very interesting webcasts […]

  • Meeting time

    We are trying to start a new tradition here, so if you are interested in kdegames please add to the agenda at and join us this Friday!

  • kdegames, one week later

    One week after our IRC meeting and we can already measure some interesting effects. Several applications are being worked on at the same time, johann is doing graphics like a madman, there is constant wiki and IRC activity, and some games have found new maintainers. We also provided status reports for inclusion in Danny’s excellent […]

  • First kdegames monthly IRC meeting summary

    A few days late, here is a brief summary of our kdegames meeting on IRC. Other people are working on a dot article as well, it should be available soon. ———————- The idea of a monthly IRC meeting to discuss kdegames was well received by the KDE community. The meeting started on time, Wednesday Nov […]