aKademy report

AKademy 2006 is going pretty well. I met lots of people already, and there are still three more days ahead. The artist guys working on Oxygen are doing an amazing work. And they are actually very interested in the changes I have been contributing to kdegames. Thanks David, Ken and Johann for the nice words!
We are now setting up things in a way that makes it possible for them to contribute more directly. Johann will probably be the first, as he said he will probably work a bit on the recently commited KReversi art as his first kdegames project.
I had already worked on the chips, and yesterday (before the lab closed!) I uploaded a new board to SVN, in order to have scaling support. Dmitry was very fast and today we already had everything working and integrated, with only a few alignment issues still ahead. Check out and build KDE4 from SVN if you want to see it live: there is a full reorganization of menus and play options as well.
If you do not have access to SVN, then here are the screenshots of the old KReversi, and the new KDE4 SVG version. Go Dmitry.