Month: September 2006

  • aKademy report

    AKademy 2006 is going pretty well. I met lots of people already, and there are still three more days ahead. The artist guys working on Oxygen are doing an amazing work. And they are actually very interested in the changes I have been contributing to kdegames. Thanks David, Ken and Johann for the nice words!We […]

  • KReversi rewrite

    Dmitry Suzdalev has been working on a KReversi rewrite for a couple of weeks, and the results have been recently merged to the KDE4 trunk. There were several goals with the rewrite, including (but not limited to!) the revamp of the UI, chips animation and artwork. The previous version used png pre-rendered versions of the […]

  • aKademy 2006 KDEGames session

    Topics suggested for the discussion are listed in the wiki page here. If you do not want to add to the wiki, send your suggestion as a comment and I will compile a list for the session.

  • LodeRunner

    Most of the work i am doing in KGoldrunner for KDE4 is still hidden from the user. I have ported it initially from KDE3 QCanvas to use the new QGraphicsView architecture. After a couple of weeks, it became apparent that QGV architecture is probably not a good fit for the requirements we had for this […]